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Beat the Odds is dedicated to serving under-resourced youth in Boston’s low-income communities through its Creative Youth Development Program. With the recent decline of funding for music and art programs in public schools, we aim to help fill that void by providing students with a unique opportunity to explore their creativity and unlock their hidden talents. Our mission is to provide a safe space, where young people will have access to the creative tools necessary to inspire self-awareness and encourage mental health and healing from trauma through music and arts. Beat the Odds is a proud member of the Hustlers Guild Small and Strong non-profit coaLITion.

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Artist Development

Our artist development program is designed to give our talented youth participants a unique opportunity to develop their brand and creative portfolios. Through the creative process we engage our youth by equipping them with the knowledge, tools and mentorship needed to hone their craft and establish themselves as professional independent artist.  



Kick-Off Fundraiser
Kick-Off Fundraiser
2019-08-10 14-37-25
2019-08-10 14-37-25
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2019-08-10 14-33-18
2019-08-10 14-31-59
2019-08-10 14-31-59
2019-08-10 14-33-18 (2)
2019-08-10 14-33-18 (2)
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2019-08-10 14-31-57
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2019-08-10 14-31-07
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2019-08-10 14-29-50
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Our Team

Camila Rojas PINEiro

Executive Director

Mike MOOn

Music Production Instructor

giovanni lopez

Director of Programs

aliana pinerio

Grant Writer & Evaluator

luis A. pagan

Creative Director

Esteban pepin

Financial Coach

Cynthia Brazier

Director of Wellness

santigie ben carew

Director of Outreach

Jessenia cruz

Marathon Monday Instructor

marianna golyak

Fundraising & Donor Relations

leona pierre
jennifer delossantos

Project Manager

Media Relations


Event Coordinator



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