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Code of Conduct


The safety of our members/participants at Beat the Odds is our top priority. Our standards and expectations exist to ensure that you can enjoy the activities in a safe and supportive environment.


They include:

  • Be discreet. Confidentiality/Vegas Rules (What happens here, stays here)

  • Respect the space

  • Give feedback in a constructive way and without negativity 

  • Applaud/support the efforts of others

  • Do not use derogatory/defamatory or offensive language

  • Sexual harassment of any sort will not be tolerated

  • Be respectful of all participants, their backgrounds, and different viewpoints

  • Resolve disagreements in a positive and constructive way

  • Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and weapons are prohibited

  • You must be a registered member of any Beat the Odds program to use the space

  • Participants must sign in every day

  • Guests must be pre-approved by a program instructor

  • Leave the studio as you found it and pick up after yourself

  • Keep drinks away from any studio equipment

  • Food and drinks must only be consumed in the snack bar area 

  • Physical violence of any sort will not be tolerated 

  • All break down will be done 15 minutes prior to the end time of the program

  • Do not hang out in common areas. Use the community room (TRC)


Harmful threats, harassing, taunting of others, fighting, bullying, and any illegal behavior are unacceptable and will NOT be tolerated. Violation of any of the above rules will result in the termination of your Beat The Odds program participation.

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